Vertical Platform Lifts

Opal – This unenclosed vertical platform lift is ideal for rises under 6 feet. The product works great for access to stages, exterior accessibility to porches or when you have a slight elevation difference in building.


Genesis OPAL Brochure Rev N

Genesis OPAL Planning Guide

Genesis – The Genesis utilizes an open cab style. It can be purchased as either a “shaftway” style or an “enclosure” style. These lifts have the ability to use gate at the upper landing rather than a full height door. Fire doors can be purchased for this device when dealing with a fire separation. This lift has a capacity of 750 lbs and operates using constant pressure controls


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Genesis Design Guide

CPL – The device comes with a full height cab complete with a ceiling. Code will allow for travel up to 7 meters, so for greater distances this is an appropriate product. The unit comes standard with fire doors and a can have a capacity of up to 1400lbs. The CPL operates using constant pressure controls.


Download CPL Brochure

CPL Design Guide

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