Passenger & Freight Elevators

A dumbwaiter functions very similar to small freight elevator. They can either load at floor or counter height, and have the ability to transport up to 750lbs. There are restrictions on the cab size, however a dumbwaiter is not a replacement for a freight elevator or a material lift. Some common applications for dumbwaiters are; moving food from the kitchen to a dining room, transporting stationary from floor to floor in an office, or transferring laundry in a hotel or camp.

Passenger Elevators
Passenger Elevators can operate utilizing several drive systems. Canwest Elevators can offer hydraulic, traction and MRL (Machine-room-less) units. The amount of travel, overhead and pit depth will often determine which method is best for A particular application, and we can quote accordingly. With a wide variety of finishes, platform sizes and configurations a passenger elevator form Canwest can meet any design criteria.

Freight Elevators
Whether you moving parts for a vehicle or the entire vehicle we have a freight elevator to meet your needs. These devices can be designed to move freight alone, freight on a fork lift or even function as a multipurpose freight/passenger elevator. Along with capacity and platform size, the entrance width can be customized to coincide with the particular freight to be moved.

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