Commercial Accessibility

Vertical Platform Lifts

These lifts are available as either unenclosed or enclosed units. B-355 code allows vertical platform lifts to travel up to 7 meters, so these products are a great solution for many public buildings (typically 2 story’s but small “porchlifts” are also available) They have capacities that range from 750 lbs to 1400lbs and can have a maximum platform size of 21 Ft 2 . You will find vertical platform lifts in schools, places of worship, community centers, restaurants and any public application that has an accessibility requirement.

Inclined Platform Lifts

An inclined platform lift has the ability to travel up a stairway while accommodating an individual in a wheelchair. An optional fold down seat can be added to allow for usage by those not needing a wheelchair. These lifts can be fitted into existing buildings with usually a minimal amount of contractual work . They can be used on either straight or curving stairways, and when not in use they simply fold out of the way. An inclined platform lift is a excellent solution for heritage buildings or locations where the construction of a hoistway is not possible.

LULA Elevators

This device is a limited use elevator inspected under the B-44 code. They do however have some restrictions on travel (7m) capacity (1400 lbs) and car size (18 Ft2) A Lula will operate very similar to a passenger elevator and utilize single touch operation and feature sliding elevator doors. The contractual work, and the price for a LULA is less than traditional elevators, so this makes this product an attractive alternative. An Elevator mechanic is required for the installation of this B-44 device, so companies offering this as an option should have a mechanic on staff.

Portable Lifts and Evacuation Devices

We offer a wide variety of portable devices that can be utilized in numerous locations. Several inclined and vertical solutions are available to accommodate both manual and power wheelchairs. Portable lifts are great for buildings where there are multiple barriers or when a temporary need has developed. When an emergency occurs and the elevator cannot be used an evacuation device ensures everyone can vacate the building safely.