Tips to know when you should consider a modernization

Is your elevator near or beyond is life expectancy? Most elevators that were built before 1980 have many safety systems missing, such as protection devices, redundancy circuits, lock monitoring capability, and fire service systems.
Are you up to code?
Does the reliability of the device pose an unacceptable safety and liability risk?

Is it getting difficult or expensive to find spare parts for your device? Or is it hard to find technicians who can properly repair and maintain it?
Has the number and expense of service calls increased over the past 12 months?
Is the performance of your elevator unacceptable? Will repairs or replacing components not lead to acceptable performance?
Is your controller technology out of date?

Will the short-term costs to refurbish parts exceed the life cycle cost of complete replacement?
Tenant Satisfaction and Safety
Does the condition of your elevator deter potential tenants from moving into your building?
Are tenants frustrated by the length of time they wait for an elevator, or by the frequency of break-downs, causing them to consider relocating?

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