How to choose an Elevator Maintenance Company

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These are some of my personal observations and suggestions from many years of involvement in the elevator industry and in running elevator maintenance companies.

Consider using the manufacturer or installer of your elevator equipment as a maintenance provider

The manufacturer or installer of your equipment will have the best access to parts and technical support if the elevator is less than 5 to 10 years old. After that time, the expertise and availability of parts is usually more widespread. However, having access to parts and technical support does not necessarily mean that a local service provider will use those resources or that you will get good service. The level of service and support that you receive is usually more closely tied to the service philosophy of the individuals managing the local elevator service locations and to the tools and abilities of the local elevator mechanics. For older equipment, the manufacturer is often more interested in selling new equipment than in training their employees to continue to maintain the older equipment. For older or non-proprietary elevator systems, the same parts are available to most companies in the industry. In these situations, you want to find the company with the best mechanics, the best service management, the best local and truck parts stocking program and the best service philosophy and systems.

For these reasons, a good local elevator service company can often provide better maintenance and service than the manufacturer or installer during any part of the elevator’s life cycle. The companies that perform the elevator installations are often not the ones who are equipped to provide the best maintenance services.

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