Good Maintenance Contractors Help Keep Elevators Safe, Reliable

(article from facilitiesnet)

By Casey Laughman, Managing Editor – May 2012 – Elevators

The elevator manufacturers offer service contracts and technicians from one manufacturer can work on a non-proprietary elevator from other manufacturers. In-house technicians or large-scale contractors also offer certain assurances in terms of training and education. But, in many AHJs, there are no licensing requirements for technicians.

Culp, who is also the board of directors president of Elevator U, an association of elevator professionals at universities, has detailed requirements for what constitutes an acceptable contractor.

“We have a good variety of equipment, so we require a certain number of years in the trade,” and diversity of equipment worked on, says Culp. “There’s no licensing requirement since Maryland is just now starting to write the licensing requirements for elevator mechanics.”

There are some tasks that don’t need a trained technician — changing light bulbs, for example — but anything beyond the very basics requires a good technician, says Ron Burton, codes consultant, BOMA.

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