• Tips to know when you should consider a modernization

    Safety Is your elevator near or beyond is life expectancy? Most elevators that were built before 1980 have many safety systems missing, such as protection devices, redundancy circuits, lock monitoring capability, and fire service systems. Are you up to code? Does the reliability of the device pose an unacceptable safety and liability risk? Operations Is […]

  • How to choose an Elevator Maintenance Company

    (article from These are some of my personal observations and suggestions from many years of involvement in the elevator industry and in running elevator maintenance companies. Consider using the manufacturer or installer of your elevator equipment as a maintenance provider The manufacturer or installer of your equipment will have the best access to parts […]

  • Good Maintenance Contractors Help Keep Elevators Safe, Reliable

    (article from facilitiesnet) By Casey Laughman, Managing Editor – May 2012 – Elevators The elevator manufacturers offer service contracts and technicians from one manufacturer can work on a non-proprietary elevator from other manufacturers. In-house technicians or large-scale contractors also offer certain assurances in terms of training and education. But, in many AHJs, there are no […]

  • When Is It Time to Modernize Your Elevator?

    (article from Past, present and future considerations drive the type and timing of modernization projects By Chris Olson Manufacturer consolidation, parts inventories and dwindling numbers of personnel who know older equipment are factors to weigh when obsolescence looms. Most decisions to modernize elevators are not triggered by the kind of simple necessity that requires […]

  • Going up: 10 homes with their own elevators

    (article from MSN Real Estate) Home elevators aren’t just for the super-rich anymore. As prices drop lower and technology improves, more homeowners are installing elevators, either retrofitting them into existing homes or installing them in new ones. In fact, in a survey from the National Association of Home Builders earlier this year, 12% of homeowners […]