Community Involvement

Canwest Elevator & Lifts thinks that being part of a community is about more than just where you live. Its about the people who create the community. We call Alberta home and when someone in our community needs help it is our responsibility to help them. We take pride being a leader of home and commercial accessibility. We find joy in giving people with mobility challenges the independence they deserve.

When most people think about accessibility they think about wide doors and curb-less showers. Most people don’t know that in an emergency in a high rise building, an elevator is the last place you should be. When an emergency occurs and you are someone with mobility issues, the fear not only is how will I exit the building safely but how will I make it down the stairs safely? Garaventa Lifts manufactures the Evacu-Trac designed to get people out of a building safely.

We are company that is built on providing exceptional products and outstanding service and we could not be more proud of the community we live in.

Read about one of the was Canwest is giving back.


Canwest Elevator & Lifts is committed to being the best elevator & lift company and we’re equally committed to community involvement in the cities in which we operate.

Canwest Elevator & Lifts in conjunction with Easter Seals Alberta and partners Garaventa Lifts and Rewind custom Homes & Renovations annually put on a fundraiser at the Ironwood Stage and Grill with a silent auction and live music that provides a residential elevator in the home of a family with a disabled child. Canwest with the help of their sponsored partners picks up 100% of the cost associated with the project. We award the project to the family chosen based on the inability to pay, the need for the lift and the ease of installation.

In the first year the project was done, the lift was awarded to the Bye family with an 18 year old daughter who had been struck by a falling tree while she was camping. This injury left her without the use of her legs and confined to a wheelchair. As you can imagine, this injury was devastating to a young women about to start life as an adult. Due to the fact that she was 18 and no longer a minor, there was very limited government assistance available to her. With the installation of the lift(Genesis) into her family home, she was given the freedom to come and go as she pleased. This is a freedom that most of us take for granted.

The second year of the project saw us do a major renovation to the home of the Alexson family with 3 disabled daughters. One Daughter has a severe form of cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. One daughter has a form of childhood arthritis and the third daughter is legally blind. Together with our partners, we removed the walls from the corner of the family home and installed a new home elevator (Elvoron) that allows the children to access the basement, main and upper floors of the house independently. This was a major renovation that caused the family to leave the home for 6 weeks while the work was completed. This project cost just over $60,000.00 and was well out of the reach for the Alexson Family.

In 2013 we chose the home of the Therrien family, a single mom with a 19 year old son who had his neck broken at a concert. He fell into the crowd and was trampled. The mother did some renovations to the house to allow her son to live at home instead of being housed in an institutionalized care home. They had a wheelchair accessible bathroom built and they turned two bedrooms into one large room so the sons’ hospital bed and medical equipment could fit. The problem they faced was this was all on the upper floor of their small 2 story home. In order for the son to get out of the house to attend medical appointments, the mother had to enlist the help of friends and neighbors to carry her son up and down the stairs. They installed a simple vertical lift (Genesis) that gave them instant access to the upper floor.

This year we have chosen the Aleman family with a 16 year old son with Cerebral Palsy. The family moved to Canada from South America in 2008. Both of the parents work full time jobs along with a part time job each. While they can afford to own a modest home here, they are unable to do the necessary renovations required to make the home wheelchair accessible. We will be installing a 3 level lift (Genesis) in the home to give their son the freedom to move about the house like the rest of the family.

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